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Why Taking Bob Reilly Seriously Is Impossible

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109_mediumYou actually have to hand it to him. The New York State Assemblyman is insanely devoted to being intellectually dishonest to keep this charade going:

"There is overwhelming, widespread opposition to [MMA]," Reilly says. "Many of my constituents come up to say, 'You're doing the right thing. How can we have this?' It's a violent sport that is harmful and damaging. Violence begets violence. It helps create a culture in our society of domestic violence, of bullying, of violence against gays, of illegal gun use. It's the job of state legislatures to pass laws against that sort of stuff, and then we put something like ultimate fighting as our form of entertainment?"

He spins anecdotes like a basketball coach calling out plays, all fervor and gung-ho commitment. He tells the sad story of a man in his district who killed his wife, then committed suicide, another tale of violence begetting violence, though he offers no direct link to MMA.

Emphasis mine.