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Lee Murray, MMA's Criminal Mastermind, Attempts to Escape from Moroccan Prison

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Leemurray2_mediumHaven't had an excuse to write about the most dangerous man in MMA history in a while. And you know how I love to write about mega bank-robber, refugee from British justice and Tito Ortiz cheap-shotter Lee Murray.

Fighters Only has the latest:

Lee Murray has reportedly had a jail escape attempt foiled after small saws were found hidden in a plate of biscuits in his cell.

The London-born Moroccan-heritage fighter is in jail in Morocco on charges of cocaine possession. He arrived in Morocco after being identified as a leading suspect in a £53 million bank raid in the UK.

According to MMA Torch (citing The Wrestling Observer) "small saws were found in a plate of biscuits in Murray's cell by another prisoner who broke into it. Prison officials believe Murray was planning to cut through the iron bars of his cell window with the saws.

"To make the escape through the small window easier, Murray had lost a significant amount of weight recently though training hard and starving himself. Murray was in a different cell at the time as punishment for being caught with a laptop computer (with internet access) and five kilos of drugs.

Murray's  fellow prisoners apparently resent the way he is able to use his wealth and connections to obtain luxury items and privileges.

For those who don't know the incredible Lee Murray story, I've posted the two part ESPN series in the full entry.

Soon to be a major motion picture.

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ESPN 360's great two part series on Lee Murray:


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