Tom Atencio: 'Dana Will Not Stop Me From Putting on an Event in Las Vegas'

Tom-atencio-podium_mediumA few days ago I sort of had a conversation with Affliction VP, Tom Atencio. Today, I sort of had another one. Here's how it went: 

Tom Atencio: Whats more better, holding an event in your own home (anaheim) or holding an event in las vegas ? speak now !! ha ha ha !

Anton Tabuena: Won't Dana give you problems in vegas? ..if not, then I think vegas is better..

Tom Atencio: Dana will not stop me from putting on an event in las vegas

Anton Tabuena: Do it then! ..You already did it in anaheim, so why not vegas?

Tom Atencio: i am sure we will make it into vegas eventually ! ha

Anton Tabuena: so it's probably Anaheim for the third show, and possibly vegas in the future?

Tom Atencio: Yea for sure ! nothing better than holding an event in your home town !

Anton Tabuena: cool, good luck! ..I hope you guys do well in this show.

Tom Atencio: ha ! dont we always ?

So Affliction 3: Fedor vs. Barnett will officially be announced soon, and it's gonna be on Anaheim.

I know this isn't really a big surprise and I know Tom isn't really going to reveal the juicy details to random MMA fans. But for him to even make the effort to interact with us, I think it's great.

I think Tom Atencio is pretty much already set on what he plans to do for the third show. Him asking is probably just a way to send feelers and to get a few feedback from MMA fans..

Oh and isn't twitter such a neat little innovation?

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