Tom Atencio: "Affliction 3: Fedor vs. Barnett to be Announced Soon"


Tom-atencio_mediumI had a conversation with Tom Atencio. Well sort off... It's just a few tweets flown back and forth. Here's how the conversation went:

Tom Atencio: What do you think about fedor/barnett? ...alot of people say they arent interested in this ! it has fotn caliber written all over it!

Anton Tabuena: i say book it.. people have been waiting for that for yearssss.. 

Tom Atencio: yea i know right ? affliction 3: fedor/barnett to be announced very soon ! stay tuned!

Anton Tabuena: Aug 1? cmon give out hints! haha. :)

Tom Atencio: ha ha ! trust me if i were to give out hints, they would be jinxed somehow ! ha

I know this isn't really much news, but at least I tried right? ..And yeah, well i really didn't expect him to give out any details. I'm just glad that he wants the input of random MMA fans in the twitterverse and he makes the time to reply to them.

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