It's Showtime: Badr Hari KO's Semmy Schilt

225616751_5_nesv_mediumThis was probably one of the more stacked kickboxing cards of the year, but it didn't turn out to be as epic as many fans believed it would be. The doctors at the event decided to medically intervene in many of the main card matchups with cuts looking more or less like ones we've seen in the UFC time and time again. Nonetheless, Badr Hari delivered a massive KO to K-1 legend Semmy Schilt. Results via MMA Fanhouse:

1. Sem Braam beat Imro Main by decision
2. Chris N'gimbi beat Dennis Schneidmiller by decision
3. Rico Verhoeven beat Ricardo Fyeet by decision
4. Sahin Yakut beat Perry Ubeda by decision
5. Ashwin Balrak beat Bjorn Breggy by decision after an extra round
6. Rustemy Kreshnik beat Christiano Delgado by third-round TKO
7. Murat Direkci beat Brian Lo-A-Njoe by second-round TKO
8. Gevorg Petrosyan beat Faldir Chahbari by decision
9. Joerie Mes beat Shane Campbell by third-round TKO
10. Orono Vor Petchpoon beat Hassan El Hamzaoui by decision

Main event
11. Melvin Manhoef beat Stefan Leko by second-round TKO
12. Gago Drago beat William Diender by doctor stoppage
13. Mourad Bouzidi beat Errol Zimmerman by TKO
14. Daniel Ghita beat Thomas Hron by second-round TKO
15. Andy Souwer beat Chahid Oulad El Hadj by decision 
16. Tyrone Spong beat Karacs Attila by decision 
17. Badr Hari beat Sem Schilt by first-round TKO

One of the big factors at this show was that the ring was VERY small. It definitely worked to Hari's advantage, and it worked well for any of the K-1 fighters that had a style synonymous with brawling.

Manhoef didn't look that great in his matchup with Leko, and he was well on his way to losing until Leko appeared to have broke his foot. Gago Drago was also well on his way to being defeated by Diender until a "bogus" doctor stoppage due to a cut gave Drago the win. Zimmerman was upset by Bouzidi, Souwer justifiably defeated Chahid, and Spong was given a "generous" decision win over Karacs Attila. 

It's interesting that Hari is both loved and hated. I am on the Hari bandwagon, but I realize that he isn't the most technical fighter in K-1. In fact, I think Hari's success stems from the fact that he is overly aggressive and goes for the kill immediately. The small ring gave Schilt no chance to move away from Hari's onslaught.

Semmy Schilt vs. Badr Hari

Melvin Manhoef vs. Stefan Leko

William Diender vs Gago Drago

Mourad Bouzidi vs. Errol Zimmerman

Thomas Hron vs. Daniel Ghita

Chahid Oulad El Hadj vs Andy Souwer

Attila Karacs vs Tyrone Spong

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