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Matt Serra: Matt Hughes Hides Behind Religion

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I'm not religious at all, but I grew up in the Deep South. And suggesting Hughes uses religion as a means to camouflage his vindictiveness is about the most incendiary thing Serra can say short of directly insulting his wife or child.

That means I'm even more excited to watch this fight. I realize this fight is somewhat past its expiration date, but I'd be disingenuous if I said their mutual animus didn't heighten the stakes for me. Others are free to disagree, but a good old fashioned grudge match between two former UFC welterweight champions seems like an excellent compliment to the more measured, meaningful Evans vs. Machida bout.

Hughes offers his side of things after the jump.

p.s. Apologies to everyone for my lack of posting. I'm typing with one hand and that hand just so happens to be my opposite hand. On top of that, I'm floating from use of Percocet. I'll try to get back to regular posting as soon as possible.