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Quote of the Day: The Croation Sensation Assesses Shamrock vs. Diaz

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“Both Shamrock and Diaz have specific things they need to do to be successful"...

“Frank needs to stay completely out of Diaz’ range and use explosive entry on all his attacks. Hanging out at the end of Diaz’ long arms is asking for a long night. I would also suggest Frank use low kicks to take away Nick’s reach advantage while dealing with Nick’s busy style of striking.

“Diaz, on the other hand, needs Frank at arms’ length and should try to frustrate him with his reach. I think it would be wise for Nick to take Frank down if the opportunity presents itself. While both seem adept at scoring takedowns, I also see both guys having difficulty stopping them. The guy that controls this fight on the ground has the advantage.”

-- Pat Miletich talks the main event for this weekend's Strikeforce show.