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Missed the First Bellator Show?

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Now you can catch up:

Postings of Bellator’s first show begin Wednesday at 7 a.m. EST on No information is currently available on if all the fights will air but they are expected to be posted as individual fights as opposed to a standard webcast.

These videos are taken from April 3rd’s [live] show which aired in Spanish on ESPN Deportes April 4th. The commentary will be in English.

These videos are not to be confused with April 10th’s show from Mohegan Sun in CT which will air April 11th on ESPN Deportes and as segments on next Wednesday.

To that end, one programming note: Chris Nelson will be live at the Mohegan Sun this Friday to live blog the show for the site. And in the FanPosts, Leland Rolling wonders if the quick turn around within the tournament format is going to come back to haunt Bellator's efforts.