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WEC 40 Torres vs. Mizugaki Live Results and Commentary

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WEC40_mediumAs with every major show we'll be here to bring you live results and commentary for WEC 40 Miguel Torres vs. Takeya Mizugaki.  The real live blog will start with the beginning of the Versus broadcast so make sure to Bloody Elbow is your home for this event.

As always we have our one rule: NO SPOILERS!  In the interest of not ruining anything from the undercard that may make the broadcast we ask that you do not discuss the results of the undercard in the comments until either the broadcast ends or the fight makes the air.

So again, join me for the show and share your thoughts as the event unfolds.

As always, major props to Baudelaire who makes such awesome posters for these events.  More of his work can be found at Absurd Meridian.

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PBR is over, the broadcast has started and I'm here to provide results and my thoughts on the night's action.

Jameel Massouh vs. Raphael Assuncao - Round 1 - Body kick from Assuncao hits arm.  Left hook from Massouh knocks Raphael down but it was more of a balance knockdown than a power shot and they're back to standing.  Huge overhand right from Assuncao and he drops Massouh who immediately works for a heel hook.  Now Raphaeld works for a toe hold and back to standing they go.  Takedown from Assuncao and he starts working some ground and pound.  Scramble as Assuncao works for a kimura allowing Jameel to get on top but they end up standing.  Jameel is keeping his hands too wide and is getting cracked down the middle regularly.  Assuncao is much more aggressive and he throws a combination before grabbing a guillotine but the round ends.  10-9 Assuncao easy.  Round 2 - Three punch combo and the last one hits hard for Assuncao.  Massouh looks like a sparring partner more than an opponent here.  They tie up against the fence and Massouh is looking for the takedown now with a single but gets stuck in a guillotine but avoids the submission as they end up back standing clinched against the cage.  Massouh has no excuse for getting hit as much as he is as Assuncao's punches are insaely wide.Massouh falls down throwing a high kick and now Assuncao is on top in half guard.  The round ends and it's 10-9 Assuncao again.  Round 3 - Massouh is looking like he's got some aggressiveness now as he is stalking with his hands up.  Assuncao continues to bust him up with power shots.  Massouh pulls guard now and is eating some elbows.  Rubber guard by Massouh but Assuncao pushes through.  Assuncao passes to full mount but Jameel pushes to turn and is now on top throwing soft punches.  Pass to side control by Massouh and now he tries to take the back but instead ends up on bottom eating an elbow.  Assuncao almost steps right into a heel hook but pulls out.  Massouh tries for a heel hook again but misses.  Massouh throws a flurry of kicks as they stand but no luck and the fight is over.  My scorecard reads 30-27 Assuncao.  Offical Scorecards: 30-27 across the board.  Rafael Assuncao wins by unanimous decision.

Benson Henderson vs. Shane Roller- Round 1 - Right hand drops Henderson and Roller grabs a guillotine now but can't finish it.  Henderson is driving forward and they go back to standing and he lands a big knee to the body.  Big right hand from Ben and Roller is dropped, flurry of shots from Henderson and the fight is stopped.  Roller is upset and does look alright but he wasn't really doing anything but eating punches.  He initially went to wrap up Henderson's legs but just let his arms hang out there without trying to finish.  Ben Henderson wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

Anthony Njokuani vs. Bart Palaszewski - Round 1 - Njokuani jabbing and working distance with his long reach.  Palaszewski driving forward with a takedown but Njokuani avoids with a nice sprawl (and a little help from a cage grab).  More distance fighting which benefits Njokuani.  Left hook from Palaszewski lands.  2-1 (right straight, left jab) combo from Njokuani.  Both fighters land right hands but Palaszewski is dropped.  Anthony follows him down and is landing shots but Palaszewski recovers before they're stood back up. Takedown from Bart now but he doesn't do anything with it as the round ends.  10-9 round for Njokuani.  Round 2- Big right hand shot from Njokuani and Bart goes down again.  A huge flurry to the downed Palaszewski and the fight is stopped.  Anthony Njokuani wins by TKO (punches), round 1.

Joseph Benavidez vs. Jeff Curran - Round 1 - High kick attempts from Benavidez but they miss.  Both guys exchange leg kicks. Benavidez continues to throw the high kick.  Right hand lands for Benavidez but he eats a better left hook in return.  They clinch and Benavidez lands an elbow.  As they separate Curran lands a good left hook.  Right hand lands solid for Curran as Benavidez jumps.  Low blow from Benavidez isn't called.  Exchanging knees to the body in the clinch now.  Perfect timing on an uppercut from Curran.  Benavidez drops Curran with a left but Curran grabs guard right away and seems alright.  Benavidez with a little ground and pound but not a lot of damage done.  Now Benavidez is standing over top landing kicks to the legs.  The round ends and it was close but I'll go with Curran as he controlled the majority of the round.  Round 2 - Solid leg kicks from Benavidez early.  Curran with a four punch combo that doesn't land too solidly.  To the ground they go and Curran has half guard.  Upkick from Curran and a right hand also and Benavidez dives back down into the guard.  Stepover pass, right hand happens twice from Benavidez but Curran gets back up.  Curran almost has a guillotine but misses it and ends up on his back. Quickly almost gets an omoplata but not...then almost a triangle but instead Benavidez gets to side control.  Curran avoids and grabs a body lock back to full guard.  Benavidez with a nice show of control now.  The round ends and it was a 10-9 round for Benavidez evening up the fight on my card.  Round 3 - Jeff is walking forward throwing punches.  Spinning backfist opens Benavidez up for a high kick which he takes flush on the chin.  Trip takedown from Benavidez.  Elbows from Benavidez and they get back to the feet.  Curran with a few shots now Benavidez with a three punch combo.  These two are really going for it.  Curran shoots and gets a double leg takedown.  Benavidez is trying to get up and does so on his second attempt.  Now a takedown from Benavidez.  Benavidez with some big right hands from the top.  Curran comes very close to sinking in the triangle toward the end of the round but Benavidez avoids.  10-9 round for Benavidez on my card giving him the fight 29-28.  Official scorecards: 30-27, 29-28, 30-27 all for Joseph Benavidez.  Benavidez wins by unanimous decision.

Takeya Mizugaki vs. Miguel Torres - Round 1 - Mizugaki is walking forward throing lunching punches.  Now landing a flurry of good shots and I'm really impressed by Mizugaki's punching technique.  Torres fires some punches back and they get some distance between them.  Pair of right hands land for Mizugaki and he is winning the striking battle convincingly early. They're trading strikes and Torres looks a bit more comfortable as the clock continues to tick.  Right hand from Mizugaki followed by a body/head combo.  Body kick from Torres.  Combo punching and a knee to the head from inside by Mizugaki and the round ends.  10-9 Mizugaki on my card.  Round 2 - Body shot from Mizugaki who is using that tool well so far.  Flurry punching by Torres is met by flurry from Mizugaki and Torres slips but gets right back up.  RIght hand lands for Mizugaki.  Both guys connect hard and they clinch.  Another solid body/head combo from Mizugaki.  More combination punching from Mizugaki and he is winning this round at the half way point.  Nice right hand now from Mizugaki.  Body kick from Torres now.  Very solid left hook from Torres now and then a three punch combo that hurt Mizugaki.  Two shots land from Torres and now two in return from Mizugaki.  They clinch and are trading knees to the body.  Great fight.  Great knees to the body.  Mizugaki fires back with a punch.  Mizugaki isn't quite as aggresive as he was early.  Left hook, right hand combo from Torres. Miguel has come back to take the round over.  The round ends and I've got it 10-9 Torres to tie up the fight.  Round 3 - Left hook lands short for Torres.  Torres is starting to walk Mizugaki down but here comes a combination in return.  Spinning backfist just misses.  Knee to the head by Mizugaki.  Combinations from Mizugaki and now Miguel turns him and lands some shots of his own.  More knees to the body from Torres now.  Nice Mizugaki left hook.  Torres is bleeding from the nose now.  The ref stops the fight to check a nasty cut above Torres' right eye.  It's a bad spot honestly.  THey let the fight continue though.  Torres is really firing now worried about the cut obvisouly.  Mizugaki is firing back but Miguel is all over him. Nice short elbows from Torres.  Mizugaki is really firing some shots now in return.  30 seconds left in the round.  10-9 for Torres on my card putting him up 29-28 going into the championship rounds.  Round 4 - solid right for Mizugaki early and Torres tries for a takedown.  Now Miguel pulls guard but Mizugaki stands up.  Three punch combo from Torres. They clinch and a series of nice close elbows from Torres.  Jab looked like it caught Mizugaki's attention and then a combo from Torres as he walks backward.  They clinch against the cage again and Miguel is grinding away.  Left hook lands solid for Miguel and then they exchange combinations and a right hand from Torres looked like it hurt him. The round ends and I give it to Torres making the fight 39-37 on my card.  Round 5 - Left hook from Mizugaki.  Huge flurry from Torres and he lands solidly.  THey clinch and Miguel lands some more knees to the body.  Torres closes the distance and goes right back to the clinch.  Combination punching by both as the round heads down the stretch.  10-9 Torres and my final card is 49-46 which sounds way more lopsided than this fight actually was.  Mizugaki impressed the hell out of me with his punching technique and toughness.  Official Scorecards: 49-46, 49-46, 48-47 all for Miguel Torres.  Miguel Torres wins by unanimous decision.