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DREAM.8 Weigh-In Results

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DREAM.8 weigh-ins took place Friday at the Oasis "Water Spaceship" in Nagoya, and all fighters made weight without incident, including Jeff Monson who didn't arrive in Japan until Friday. The only change to the card was in the newly-set Rua-Fukuda bout, which shifted from middleweight (84kg) to a catchweight of 89kg due to Fukuda stepping in on less than two days' notice.

Hayato "Mach" Sakurai (75.9kg/167 lbs.) vs. Shinya Aoki (73.5kg/161.7 lbs.)
Yuya Shirai
(75.7kg/166.5 lbs.) vs. Jason High (75.9kg/167 lbs.)

Marius Zaromskis
(75.5kg/166.1 lbs.) vs. Seichi Ikemoto (75.7kg/166.5 lbs.)

John Alessio (76.0kg/167.2 lbs.) vs. Andre Galvao (
76.0kg/167.2 lbs.)
Hideo Tokoro (62.3kg/137 lbs.) vs. Daiki "DJ.taiki" Hata (63.0kg/138.6 lbs.)

Sergei Kharitonov (116.5kg/256.3 lbs.) vs. Jeff Monson (110.0kg/242 lbs.
Riki Fukuda (88.8kg/195.4 lbs.) vs. Murlio "Ninja" Rua (88.0kg/193.6 lbs.)
Vitor "Shaolin" Ribeiro (69.7kg/153.3 lbs.) vs. Katsuhiko Nagata (70.0kg/154 lbs.)

Andrews Nakahara (85.0kg/187 lbs.) vs. Shungo Oyama (85.7kg/188.5 lbs.)

Katsuyori Shibata (86.2 kg/189.6 lbs.) vs. Ikuhisa Minowa (87.0 kg/191.4 lbs.)

[UPDATE] from Nightmare of Battle:

Also announced was that DREAM.9 will take place in the large Yokohama Arena with the date being May 26th as previously reported.

With a primetime slot on TBS, the second round of the Featherweight Grand Prix and the return of "KID" Yamamoto (as well as "Jacare," possibly Mousasi, and probably Aoki), DREAM.9 is shaping up to be a major event.