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Quote of the Day: Dana White's Eureka Moment

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"Yeah. I did today. Honestly, I think all in all that this was a good experience for me. I say a lot of things. I do a lot of things. I absolutely meant to attack Loretta Hunt and her story and that Web site. There are times when I will go after people on purpose. Plus, I swear a lot because, to me, words are just words. I really believe that, that's just me. So with that blog, I never meant to offend so many people just by using that word. I never thought I could. It didn't occur to me. I especially didn't mean to hurt my gay friends. But I now know that the reality is, whether you mean to hurt anybody or not, you do. You just do. Now I know."

-- Dana White, speaking to Mary Buckheit of ESPN Page 2.

Dana White is not a bad person and most likely is as progressive on gay issues as he proclaims to be. And the truth is, we need him, we trust him and we look forward to him leading the UFC. I'm glad White said this and I'm glad it's over as quickly as it began.

And with that, I'm completely done talking about the issue in this space. DREAM.8 or Bellator anyone?