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Quote of the Day: Greg Jackson Talks Anderson Silva and Creativity in MMA

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Sherdog: Who is the best MMA fighter not under your tutelage?

Jackson: I honestly really think it shifts around, but I really like Anderson Silva’s creativity. I am going to go with him outside of my guys because of his last fight. I loved [his fight with Thales Leites at UFC 97]. Everyone hated it and thought it was boring stuff. I saw him reach down and punch a guy in the thigh. I love that. It’s legit. To me, I was like, ‘Wow, that’s cool.’ The side kicking, the cross kicking, doing all that good stuff … I mean maybe he didn’t commit to this position or that position, but I loved that fight; I thought it was so creative and interesting what he was doing. I really like Anderson, and, hopefully, Nate [Marquardt] will end up fighting him again because I am really looking forward to the challenge of getting after him again.


Sherdog: What style fighters do you like to watch?

Jackson: I like the unorthodox fighters, I really do. I like the [Lyoto] Machidas, I like the Andersons. I like watching B.J. Penn fight. When he is fighting at [lightweight], he is great. Outside of my guys, those are the kind of fighters I like -- the guys who are very creative and do all kinds of cool things. I also like, like any other fan, the good heart and fire fights. Guys like Chris Lytle who are going to go in there and give it their all and go for it, I really enjoy that, too.

-- Greg Jackson, discussing a myriad of MMA and non-MMA topics with Greg Savage. 

Not only is Jackson one of the very best trainers in the game, but he's also an interesting interview to say the least.