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Tsuji Subs Martinez, Miyazawa Rolls at Valkyrie/Cage Force Double-Header

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The "Vale Tudo Queen," Yuka Tsuji, made short work of Kate Martinez in Tokyo on Saturday night, submitting the Royce Gracie-trained Coloradan in the first frame of their title bout to become the inaugural Valkyrie Featherweight Champion. The length of the championship rounds - extended to 3x5 minutes from the standard 3x3 - proved an advantage to the hometown favorite Tsuji, who elicited a tap from Martinez with an armbar after four minutes and twenty seconds. The undercard for Valkyrie's second outing also featured the semi-finals in a four-woman tournament to decide Tsuji's first challenger, where Kyoko Takabayashi and "V Hajime" both dispatched of their opponents handily and will go on to face one another at the third Valkyrie show.

On the guy-centric evening portion of Greatest Common Multiple's day/night double-header, only three of the evening's eight bouts went to a decision... but the main event had to be canceled due to Team Alpha Male's Marcus Donahue* being unable to make weight for his bout with newly-minted lightweight Kuniyoshi Hironaka. Meanwhile, Motoki Miyazawa - who lost to Hironaka at welterweight in a tough doctor's stoppage at DREAM.5 last July - took out the always game DEEP and Pancrase veteran Hiroki Nagaoka with a first round rear-naked choke, and the Sakuraba-trained Wataru Takahashi won his second straight for the first time in his career.

* If anyone can confirm that Marcus Donahue is the fighter's real name, it'd be appreciated. The translation reads "Makasu Donahiyu" but I can't find any information about him on the interwebs and emails to Team Alpha Male have gone unreturned, presumably because they have no time for nerds and/or computers.

Full results for both cards in the extended entry. Photo and results via Sportsnavi.

Valkyrie 02
April 25, 2009
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

Valkyrie Featherweight Championship (3 rounds x 5 min.)
Yuka Tsuji (22-1) def. Kate Martinez (1-1) via Submission (Cross Armbar) at 4:20 of Round 1

-61.2kg Bout (3 rounds x 3 min.)
Megumi Yabushita (17-15) def. Chisa Yonezawa (0-2) via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:43 of Round 2

Valkyrie Featherweight Eliminator Semi-Final (3 rounds x 3 min.)
Kyoko Takabayashi (9-3) def. "Windy" Tomomi Sunaba (12-10) via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 1:41 of Round 1

Valkyrie Featherweight Eliminator Semi-Final (3 rounds x 3 min.)
Megumi "V Hajime" Yamaguchi (4-2) def. Emi Fujino (8-3) via Unanimous Decision (3-0)

46.8kg Bout (3 rounds x 3 min.)
Naoko Omuro (9-7-3) def. Sachiko "SACHI" Yamamoto (5-4-1) via TKO (Punches) at 2:48 of Round 1

Cage Force 10
April 25, 2009
Differ Ariake
Tokyo, Japan

9. LW: Kuniyoshi Hironaka (12-6) vs. Marcus Donahue (0-0)
Main event canceled due to Donahue being unable to make weight.

8. WW: Motoki Miyazawa (6-1) def. Hiroki Nagaoka (13-14-8) via Submission (Rear Naked Choke) at 3:20 of Round 1

7. FW: Hiroshi "Iron" Nakamura (7-3-4) def. Wataru Miki (14-9-3) via Unanimous Decision (3-0)

6. LW: Yasunori Kanehara (2-5-2) def. Eriya Matsuda (6-7) via TKO (Strikes) at 3:00 of Round 2

5. FW: Wataru Takahashi (8-10-4) def. Satoshi Nishino (5-4-2) via TKO (Strikes) at 1:05 of Round 2

4. MW: Akihiro Murayama (9-3-5) vs. Ikkei Nagamura (2-1-1) - Draw (3-0)

3. MW: Shuji Morikawa (2-2-1) def. Ken Ogawa (0-4) via Unanimous Decision (3-0)

2. WW: Ken Taisho (1-0) def. Tetsuya Nagaoka (0-1) via TKO (Doctor's Stoppage) at 5:00 of Round 1

1. BW:  Ryo Taguchi (1-1) def. Masaki Yokoyama (2-2-3) via Submission (Armbar) at 1:04 of Round 1