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Please Welcome "Baudelaire" to the Bloody Elbow Family

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Bloodyelbow_medium Or should I say, Eugene "Baudelaire" Schelfaut?

On behalf of Team Bloody Elbow, I want to formally announce that Eugene Schelfaut (formerly "Baudelaire") is our new News & Multimedia Writer. There were a lot of people gunning for the position, but Eugene's steady work ethic and unique graphic arts ability really caught our eye. We're always looking for different and original ways to improve the site and adding Eugene will go a long way towads that goal. We are very excited to have him on board as staff and believe he'll be a great addition to our team as we continue to offer the best in commentary, news and community in MMA. Please join me in congratulating Eugene on his success.

One special note: for those who wanted this position, don't fret. Over the next few days I'll be contacting several of you for various new and completely unique positions we're creating to make this monster run more smoothly. No one is obligated to take them, of course, but we realize there's a lot of talent out there and we also realize our growth means we could use the help. So, stay tuned and thank you for supporting Bloody Elbow.