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GLAAD Demands Apology From Dana White

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This isn't just a small sport anymore.  It's basically mainstream at this point, which means there are consequences for executives who don't choose their words properly:

White's remarks cross a line - it's unacceptable for an industry professional at his level to trade in these kinds of defamatory, anti-gay the leader behind a billion dollar empire, White is fully aware of the reach of his remarks...White knows the success of the UFC is a result of the support of fans, gay and straight alike.

We've reached out to White and the UFC and are calling on them to apologize to his fans for using the slur, and to remove his video from his site.

This is probably why the video is down.  The bottom line is that you can't be an executive and angrily drop the word "faggot" in 2009.  

Personally, it wasn't really the use of the word that I found offensive, as much as when he really got personal at the end of the video and called Loretta a "dumb bitch," which was completely unnecessary and over the top.  People use the word "faggot" all the time unfortunately, especially uneducated people, so seeing White use it isn't really shocking. The shocking part is how enraged he was over an online article.

UPDATE (by Kid Nate): Please watch yourselves in the discussion of this post. You can discuss what Dana said, GLAAD and any directly related topics but DO NOT introduce additional political topics -- the President, Don Imus, political correctness as an evil conspiracy, etc. The reality of the society we live in is this -- using slurs to refer to minority groups is not publicly acceptable. Whether or not that should be the case is not a matter for an MMA blog to decide. Lets limit our discussion to the ramifications for Dana White and the UFC and the sport. Thank you.