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UFC Removes Dana White "F*ggot" Video

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The day after the face of MMA called Loretta Hunt a "dumb fucking bitch" and her anonymous source a "faggot", the UFC (or whoever is in charge of these video blogs) removed the video. I am certainly not the word police and don't believe we should ask for White's head. I also don't think dragging him out before the public to get some manufactured apology is going to rememdy any situation. The only salient issue moving forward is whether White is capable of respecting the parameters of entry into the mainstream. If yesterday is any indication, you have plenty of cause for concern.

And on the day that Dana White called an anonymous source a "faggot", I wondered how the gay employees of the UFC felt. I know fighters are perceived as "independent contractors" (hee haw), but let's assume they are part of the UFC family. While the self-selection effect is going to remove some statistical normalcy here, let's assume on the low end 1% of the population is gay, which would mean its possible at least a handful of UFC employees - from the production crew, to PR, to the fighters, etc - are homosexual. I wonder how they felt to hear their boss equate femininity, character weakness and obsequiousness with their identity.

Or how about the gay and lesbian members of the larger MMA community? Do you think they felt marginalized? The rampant homophobia inundating the MMA community is nothing new and must make the gay and lesbian among us even more locked into hiding their identity. They also have the lovely honor of being marginalized in the mainstream for enjoying or being a part of MMA and marginalized within MMA for being homosexual. How fair.

Last thing: I downloaded a copy of the video. So while it's not on YouTube, it's on my hard drive. Gone but not forgotten. Just a friendly reminder.

UPDATE: For those of you who think I'm highlighting this issue because I don't like Dana White's choice of diction, you have reading comprehension issues I can't help you with. This is not some phony, outraged witch hunt because of a word violation. I wouldn't waste my time with that. This is about the measures we - you, me, Dana White, everyone - take, the culture we foster in the MMA community and what that all means for the sport's future. The only conclusion I can reasonably draw at this point is that there is a significant portion of the community either incapable of understanding what's at stake or unwilling to make the necessary changes. And that's incredibly sad.