UFC 97: Post-Fight Presser Notes -- Chuck Liddell's Future, Dana White on Main Event

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UFC 97 Post-Fight Press Conference

UFC 97 Post-Fight Press Conference:

Chuck Liddell: "We'll talk about it Monday, Tuesday. But, this could be my last time."

Dana White on Liddell: "I don't want to see anyone stick around too long. I don't want to see anyone hurt. [...] You're never going to see Chuck Liddell on the canvas again. It's never going to happen again. It's done. Tonight was the end of an era. One of the greatest guys in the sport fought his last fight tonight."


Dana White on Main Event: 'I wasn't thrilled with it. I wasn't thrilled with it."
Question: "Were you embarrassed?"
DW: "A little... Did you love it? I didn't think you would."

DW: "I am personally unhappy with the whole fight, period. I did not like the fight at all. Period. On either side."

Anderson Silva [trans]: "He wasn't able to execute his game and I was able to do mine. And I walked away with the victory and the belt still."

Chuck Liddell on Silva-Leites: "He was attacking him the whole time... It is a frustrating fight for a striker when a guy every time you go to hit him he falls to his back."

DW: "Fedor is not the pound-for-pound best fighter in the world. These guys continue to fight the best. Fedor is at a buffet somewhere in Russia."


Sam Stout: "I did a six hour warm-up for my fight tonight."

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