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Maximo Blanco and Shigeki Osawa Added to Sengoku VIII

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World Victory Road announced today that not one but both of their "Sengoku training players" who took part in the Pancrase show a few weeks back will be in action at Sengoku VIII on May 2nd. Decorated amateur wrestler Shigeki Osawa (who was thought to have made his pro debut in Pancrase, but apparently had a fight in 2007 as well) will take on teenage DEEP fighter Kota Ishibashi (0-3) in the evening's opening bout, while the unpredictable Maximo "Makishi" Blanco (2-1-1, 1 NC) faces a stiffer test in the seasoned Akihiko Mori (6-6-1). At the press conference, "Makishi" said he's hoping to make an impact on Sengoku with a first round knockout.

Sengoku officials said there is still one fight to be announced, but here's the card as it stands:

Sengoku VIII
May 2, 2009
Yoyogi National Stadium
Tokyo, Japan

Featherweight GP 2nd Round Bouts
Hatsu Hioki (18-3-2) vs. Ronnie "Ushiwaka" Mann (17-1-1)
Michihiro Omigawa (5-7-1) vs. Nam Phan (15-5)
Masanori Kanehara (12-5-5) vs. Chan Sung Jung (3-0)
Marlon Sandro (13-0) vs. Nick Denis (7-0)

Lightweight Title Eliminator Bout
Kazunori Yokota (8-2-3) vs. Leonardo Santos (6-2)

Lightweight Bout
Maximo "Makishi" Blanco (2-1-1, 1 NC) vs. Akihiko Mori (6-6-1)

Light Heavyweight Bouts
Alexandre "Xande" Ribeiro (1-0) vs. Keiichiro Yamamiya (34-23-9)
Travis Wiuff (54-12) vs. Stanislav Nedkov (5-0)

Welterweight Bout
Makoto Takimoto (4-5) vs. Michael Costa (9-4)

Featherweight Opening Bout
Shigeki Osawa (2-0) vs. Kota Ishibashi (0-3)

Maximo Blanco vs. Hiroki "AB" Aoki

Maximo Blanco vs. Seigo Inoue