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MMA Sabermetrics: FightMatrix Responds

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BE stalwart Leland Roling put up a pretty epic post last night MMA Sabermetrics: Strength of Record. Not to be outgeeked, jcs of Fightmatrix fires back with his own take on how to generate the stat:

Although his efforts were more than noteworthy, after taking a closer look, I felt the combination of the two layers was a bit subjective in nature.  Furthermore, the statistics included the entire careers of all fighters involved, which I felt was overkill.

I decided to take a modified version of this on.  For starters, I only included the winning percentage of  the opponents of a fighter’s opponents; that 2nd opponent layer.  I concluded that only including a fighters’ opponents was too shallow of a measure, and if you were going to include both, you may as well only include the 2nd opponent layer, rather than weight the two opponent layers in an attempt to combine them.  Also, I decided to utilize a dynamic 3-year sliding window, that would adapt itself to the bouts found at each layer.

Here’s the Top 10, if anyone is interested, I’ll post a more comprehensive list.

Fighter W L D Win%
Urijah Faber 93 28 1 76.9%
Katsuhisa Fujii 76 23 1 76.8%
Yoshiro Maeda 156 49 6 76.1%
Jens Pulver 110 35 1 75.9%
Brian Foster 80 26 1 75.5%
Toshiaki Kitada 89 30 14 74.8%
John Gunderson 102 35 2 74.5%
Kazuyuki Fujita 90 31 1 74.4%
Tatsuya Kawajiri 123 43 2 74.1%
Jeremy Stephens 80 28 1 74.1%