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Anderson Silva Dominates UFC 97 Public Workout

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Steve Cofield was present at today's workout in Montreal, and noted the dozen or so members of Anderson Silva's entourage (including Andre Galvao and Rafael Cavalcante).  The middleweight champion's workout lasted a lengthy 90 minutes, and threw a wrench in the plans of other notable fighters scheduled to workout, including Chuck Liddell and Shogun Rua.

Although viewed by those who follow MMA closely as one of the best fighters in the world, Silva has yet to achieve acclaim as a top pay-per-view draw.  It would seem that this public workout is, at least partially, a ploy to raise his public persona.  In my opinion, he deserves any additional popular success that he achieves going forward.

Silva, with the help of his translator, talked to Cofield and other members of the media about Thales Leites, a potential fight with Georges St. Pierre, boxing, retirement and more: