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Gilbert Melendez Doesn't Want to Wait

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The newly-crowned Strikeforce Lightweight Interim Champion Gilbert Melendez spoke with MMA Junkie Radio recently, and not only is he eager to fight before Josh Thomson heals up, but it sounds like he's already got an opponent in mind:

"If he's ready to go tomorrow, I'll fight him. But supposedly he's not going to be ready for five months. I don't want to wait five months to fight right now. I'm feeling good. If I wait five months, that will give me two months to do [expletive] I don't need to be doing...  I want to get back those losses I got. [Mitsuhiro Ishida] and Josh are the guys I really want to fight right now."

The rematch with the man who handed Melendez his first loss is a no brainer - especially considering that Strikeforce has expressed interest in expanding their relationship with K-1/DREAM and even contacted Ishida to try and get him for last Saturday's show - but it's great to hear that Gilbert wants it and wants it soon.