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Sherdog_mediumBehold! The specifications and aims of the blog are not mentioned (beyond keeping pace with new media necessities), so we don't know who exactly will contribute or what they'll say, but that's a predicament facing all bloggers and blogs. I, for one, welcome the move. Many staff members are adept writers and others are in touch with actors and characters in the MMA game. Combined with a clear concept and regular updating, I suspect it could turn into a destination I check regularly. Already Jake Rossen is writing very respectable posts and doing so with personality, individual perspective and style. That is something slowly eroding in the bland and pail minutiae-news world that is much of the MMA blogosphere. But, the move on's part (MMA Weekly did this as well, but their blog is poorly maintained and uninteresting) is also recognition of the contribution and impactful role large-scale blogs now play in MMA media.

One bone to pick up front, though: no comments? Poor form, Comments can be exceedingly annoying, but even the symbolism of keeping them in blogs is relevant. Old media used their crushing grip on the ability to publicly publish thought and writing to control whatever feedback they received or subsequently shared in a larger effort keep distance from the masses. By controlling the means of publishing, they were able to virtually dictate the discussion or espousal of any issue. Even if one ignores the entire community aspect of blogging or the value in what other voices have to offer (esteemed or not), allowing readers to offer immediate and direct feedback removes the artificial and often elitist distance between writer and reader promulgated by older forms of media.

Then again, they probably don't want to relive the abject misery that comes with reading virtually anything on the forums. Perhaps there are no comments allowed on the blog posts because they wanted to avoid the orgy of intellectual incestual memes or arguments inundating their forums.