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I have been thinking about this topic for a fanpost for a little while now, but I have to admit that I'm not all that well versed in these sorts of things. Therefore, I'll put down tips regarding what little I do know, and I implore other folks to jump in and add other bits of know-how in the comments. Hopefully some people find this helpful.

So, what I can help you with:

- Adding images to your fanpost or fanshot.

- Aligning said image to the left/right within the text (like the images in this piece).

- Importing a video into a fanshot (as opposed to just linking to it).

Here we go:

Adding an image to your post

1. Find the picture you'd like to use somewhere on "teh webz" or whatever you kids call it these days. I don't know a way to upload them directly from one's hard drive, though you can upload them to something like photobucket, which will work (it's what I did for the formatting help image below).

2. Right click on the picture and then left click on "Copy Image Location".

3. Open your fanpost/fanshot. If it is a fanshot, then make sure "Image" is selected (as opposed to link, quote, video, list, or chat) and paste the url into the "Image URL" area. You can then add a little description that will appear below it, if you want (which I would generally advise). If it is a fanpost, it's different. Under the area that says "Intro Paragraph" you should see a big "B" (which turns selected text bold). The next row of icons down and three to the right, you should see what looks to be a landscape scene with a border around it and a tiny plus sign in the bottom right hand corner. Click that, paste the url in the space provided and hit "Import". You'll notice a slightly reminiscent icon (of a tree with a white border) when you are writing a comment as well, which means you can in fact put pictures into your comment along with whatever idiotic ramblings you were planning. However, this does not mean that you can start posting a bunch of goddamn lolcats, unless of course, you're BJJDenver. However you imported it, congrats, you're done (sort of).

4. This point is partially due to my personal aesthetic sensibilities, but I'm writing this shit so I'll put what I damn well please, thank you very much. Your image is posted, but if you're doing a fanpost there is an unsightly little link that comes with it. I suggest that you cut that and paste it in at the bottom of your text. Don't forget to add the word "Image" or "Photo" to it otherwise it'll only read "via http://..." making it look like your whole article came from that source, causing some confusion when it indicates that you got your big scoop about Fedor fighting Couture headlining UFC 110 at Madison Square Garden from a random photobucket account.

Quick Formatting Guide

"But Rundownloser," you exclaim in a horrified wail, "this may put in an image, but it looks ugly sticking out above all the text. How are we to solve this seemingly intractable disaster?"

For quick help, the image to the right, which I originally got from a post by Richard, should suffice. I explain it in greater detail below.

Aligning an imported picture within your post
1. Import the picture as normal

2. Click "Switch to HTML editor". It will be in the upper right hand corner of the window that you actually make write the fanpost in, just above the insert image/bold/italics area and to the right of the "Intro Paragraph"/"Entry Body" buttons.

3. Once there, locate the line of code for the picture, which will start with <a href= after which should be a url in quotation marks (that is your picture's url, i.e. where you are importing it from).

4. After the url for your picture there will be an end set of quotations and then ><img class=

5. After the equals sign, it should say something like "photo" (quotation marks included). Within those quotation marks but separated from the word photo by a space, put in either left or right (so it should look something like this: "left photo" or "photo right"; the sequence does not matter). That will align it within the text (and you can return to WYSIWYG to finish up your post with some level of convenience, but...).

6. Again, another aesthetic point. If you don't like the little white border that surrounds any imported image (like the one around the "help" image above), you can eliminate it by deleting the photo part (so it would look like "left" instead of "photo left", or "right" instead of "right photo", for example).

Importing a video into a fanshot

1. When you create a fanshot, click “video” among the choices for what type of fanshot you want to make (as opposed to “link”, “image”, etc.).

2. Then copy the embed code from the video in question (with youtube they are at the bottom of the description box on the right hand side) and paste it into the “HTML EMBED” area. You can even go back and edit your fanshot after publishing it (which goes for fanposts as well). I’ve had to many, many times.

3. And what would I be doing if I didn't include another ultimately petty aesthetic quibble? My thoughts exactly. So here it is: you should probably include some text in the "Description" area, to provide some context. This also happens to be the best place to stick your piquant wit, what with the video taking up the rest of the room.

Important Note:

If you have any other tips, tricks, or help to provide, please add them in the comments. Additionally, if you have a question, post in the comments and I (or God willing, somebody else) may be able to help you out.

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