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It Is Time for Dana White to Change His Tune

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In his latest VLOG Dana White launched into a tirade aimed at Loretta Hunt during which he referred to her as a "fucking bitch" and her anonymous source as a "pussy and a faggot."  I know that it's common practice for MMA fans and even the MMA media to give Dana a pass on the unprofessional behavior he displays with his language and actions when dealing with the press, conducting interviews, buying groceries..etc.  But at a certain point there is a line that is crossed between a harmless lack of professionalism and unacceptable behavior.  I'd say this latest tirade is well over that line.

Maybe it speaks to White's success that the general reaction to this outburst wasn't immediately to call for an apology or at least to frown upon it but rather to excuse him as "just being passionate about the company" or simply as "Dana being Dana."  Then again maybe it speaks more to the fact that the UFC and MMA as a whole is still far from being on equal footing with other professional sports where the line of acceptability and personal accountability is defined and enforced.  It's kind of like when your parents would tell you "if you can't act like an adult, I'm not going to treat you like an adult."

Now, I'm not a PC Cop or anything but I can not think of any other sports organization head who would not be forced to resign or at the very least issue a very public appology for this type of behavior.  Try for a minute to picture Bud Selig laying into a female reporter as a "fucking bitch" and publicly calling someone a "faggot."  Now picture what the reaction by sports media, fans and the league would be.  It wouldn't be to chuckle and say "wow, he didn't hold back at all did he?"

We could go back to 2006 to see the reaction of the sports world when Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen called reporter Jay Mariotti a "fag" for negative stories about Guillen and the team.  Guillen, who is simply a manager, was fined and forced to undergo sensitivity training while the media wrote article upon article about his unacceptable behavior.  I'm not one to push for mandatory "sensitivity training" but this was for someone well down on the MLB food chain.  This wasn't someone from the MLB front office.

Why then, do we give Dana a free pass in situations like this?  Is it simple self preservation for the community?  Has he simply done so much good for the sport that it is too hard to say "we're moving toward full mainstream acceptance, it's time to act like a professional or at the very least not use hateful slurs in public"?

Maybe some of you think that I'm being a bit too overdramatic here, but I think a time is going to come when actions like these are going to hold the UFC and MMA as a whole back from getting where we want it to go.  Eventually a rant like this by Dana is going to get picked up and ran with by the mainstream media and turned into a big "look at who runs this brutal sport" type of story and we'll all look back and wonder why no one stepped up sooner to draw a line in the sand and said "crossing this line will not be tolerated."  And then we'll all realize it's because if you were to say it, they'd take away your access to the beach.