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UFC Fight Night 18: Condit vs. Kampmann Live Results and Commentary

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As with every major show we'll be here to bring you live results and commentary from UFC Fight Night 18: Condit vs. Kampmann.  The real live blog will start with the beginning of the Spike broadcast so make sure to Bloody Elbow is your home for this event.

As always we have our one rule: NO SPOILERS!  In the interest of not ruining anything from the undercard that may make the broadcast we ask that you do not discuss the results of the undercard in the comments until either the broadcast ends or the fight makes the air.

So again, join me for the show and share your thoughts as the event unfolds.

As always, major props to Baudelaire who makes such awesome indy rock style posters for these events.  They've become one of my favorite parts of each event.

Update: A source within Arizona Combat Sports has confirmed with Bloody Elbow that Steve Steinbeiss was paid his contractually promised money as well as his win bonus following the cancellation of his fight with Ryan Jensen after Jensen was not medically cleared due to use of Adderall.

The show has started.

Opened with a tribute screen for Mask of the Tapout crew.  Classy move.

Cole Miller vs. Junie Browning - Pre fight video shows Cole calling Junie a "big douche" and then overstating how impressive Junie was against Kaplan. Round 1 - Cole is looking to use his reach early with jabs and front kicks.  Junie throws a hook and it was slow.  Uppercut from distance followed by a hook by Cole.  Junie goes for a takedown and Miller gives up his back in an effort to lock up a kimura.  Cole gets out of having his back taken and stands up frun under Junie.  Right hand lands flush for Cole and his striking looks a lot better than I expected.  Sloppy shot from Junie and he gets his head caught in a guillotine and is forced to tap out.  Miller screams at Browning after the fight and I've got to say that Cole looked great in every aspect of the game.  Cole Miller by submission (guillotine), Round 1.

A tribute video for Mask is shown.

Tyson Griffin vs. Rafael dos Anjos - Round 1 - Griffin is throwing big punches and lands a really solid right.  I don't like how much he lowers his hands when he throws his power shots but Rafael hasn't been able to get distance or timing down.  A nice combo from Rafael but he doesn't really land.  Right hand by Griffin lands solid.  Right hand from Griffin rocks RdA.  Leg lock attempt from the bottom as they go to the ground and Griffin escapes.  Interesting leg lock using his own legs by Rafael and he uses it as a sweep and they end up standing and Griffin's leg keeps buckling.  He's hurt for sure and it looks to be hurting his concentration.  Rafael is taking over the stand up a little bit here.  I'm actually going to give it to dos Anjos as he did significant damage with the sub attempt that will impact the fight going forward.  10-9 dos Anjos.  Round 2 -Griffin is still moving odd on his left leg  Right hand counter by Anjos as Griffin's hands were down as he punched.  Nice straight right by Griffin.  It's a striking battle and Griffin can't really get his game fully on track but he's still winning exchanges as Rafael is hesitant to pull the trigger.  Tyson punches and comes in for a single and dos Anjos is looking for a kimura and he almost locks it in.  Nice body shots by Griffin and a sloppy overhand right to follow.  Right hand by Griffing and the two are exchanging reckless punches here with Griffin winning the exchange.  The round ends with a solid right from Griffin.  10-9 Griffin to tie the fight on my card at 19-19.  Round 3 - Griffin looks a bit more steady on the leg and is pressing forward.  Some big shots by dos Anjos land and Griffin fires back to back him off.  Nice leg kikc from Griffin, Anjos throws a kick and is countered with a right hand.  Griffin is really working the leg kicks, flying knee by Rafael almost lands.  Griffin with another right hand.  Very good fight so far.  Anjos looks to be slowing down and it's costing him the round.  Right hand by dos Anjos lands now as I type that.  Big punches land for both guys now.  Griffin is going to win the fight unless something happens in the last 40 seconds here.  Kimura is in deep by Anjos!  But Griffin gets out and ends with some ground and pound.  My final scorecard is 29-28 Tyson Griffin.  Official Scorecards:  30-27 across the board.  Tyson Griffin wins by unanimous decision.

Ryan Bader vs. Carmelo Marrero  - Round 1 - Nice double by Bader and he quickly gets to side control but Marrero gets guard back.  Again passing to side control now looking for an arm but he can't lock it up.  Small scramble and right back to Bader on top.  Now he passes to side control, traps an arm and attempts to lock in the armbar but Marrero defends and ends up on top now.  Some elbows from top by Carmelo but Bader is doing a good job of being defensive from buttom.  Now they're back to standing.  Quick takedown by Bader but he does look like he's got his mouth open pretty wide, quick pass to side control though.  Marrero uses the fence to spin and get back to standing and he looks tired as well.  Takedown by Bader yet again with about 50 seconds to go.  Marrero is doing a good job of not taking damage even though he is getting taken down and passed quite easily. 10-9 Bader.  Round 2 - Right hand now by both guys early.  Low kick by Bader.  Marrero charges in but gets taken down and now Bader with a front headlock and he spins to try to get Carmelo's back.  Finally Bader gets the back and he is throwing selective punches here.  Now it's back to guard and Marrero spins for a leg but can't finish it off.  The round ends with Bader on top landing punches as he takes another 10-9 round on my card.  Round 3 - They're exchanging and Marrero with some weak kick attempts. Another takedown from Bader and he is in guard throwing short arm punches. Now Bader is looking for a head and arm traingle which Carmelo defends but ends up getting mounted.  He turns and now Bader has his back.  Marrero turns and regains guard.  Back to standing and Carmelo is throwing some hail mary type shots but they're not working.  Finally Bader doesn't get a takedown off of a shot.  Down to the ground they go again.  The round and fight ends and I've got it an easy 30-27 for Bader.  Official Scorecards: 30-27 across the board.  Ryan Bader wins by unanimous decision.

Carlos Condit vs. Martin Kampmann - Round 1 - Jab by Condit early.  They clinch up and Kampmann gets underhooks and a takedown to side control.  Kampmann locks in a guillotine quickly and rolls over but Condit jumps to side control and gets out.  Now Condit is in Kampmann's half guard.  Punch lands for Condit as Kampmann stands up.  Takedown by Condit now.  Excellent job by Kampmann to get on top and this is a really interesting fight half way through one round.  Kampmann looks for a heel hook now and Condit pops out to end up on top in half guard.  Elbows from Carlos open up a nasty cut under Kampmann's left eye and Condit is starting to pick him apart as they go back to standing.  Kampmann throws a few shots back but he isn't really landing much of significance. Knee by Condit lands but not too hard.  Kampmann looks for the guillotine again as the round comes to a close.  10-9 Condit in my books for better damage.  But VERY close round.  Round 2 - Low kick from Condit early.  They clinch up again after some striking exchanges.  Kampmann gets the takedown now and lands an elbow from the top.  High guard by Condit.  Kampmann postures up but can't really land anything.  Condit stands back up.  Elbow from Carlos, right hand by Kampmann.  Nice striking combo by Condit and Kampmann looking for the guillotine again but just ends up on bottom.  Back to standing and Kampann with another guillotine as Condit tries for the takedown.  Condit gets out AGAIN and now has Kampmann's back!  What a great fight.  Kampmann turns and now is in Condit's guard.  The round ends and I have the fight even 19-19.  Round 3 - Poke to the eye by Condit to start the round.  The action is restarted and Condit with a body kick.  Kampmann now with a solid takedown.  Condit is the more active of the two even though he is on bottom right now throwing punches and elbows upward and looking for armbars.  Finally Kampmann with a punch.  Back they go to standing and Kampmann takes Condit's back but they just end up back on the ground with Condit on bottom.  Condit tries for a leg lock they stand and he lands a flury but a high kick attempt ends with Condit on his back again.  Condit with a guillotine as they stand up and that's how the round ends.  I think Condit did better from the bottom that round than Martin did from the top.  I know no one else will agree but I've got it 29-28 Condit.  Official Scorecards:  29-28 Kampmann, 29-28 Condit, and 29-28 Kampmann.  Martin Kampmann wins by split decision.  Very good fight and I'm not upset to see either guy win.