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Ryan Jensen Not Cleared to Fight at UFN 18 for Adderall

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Ryan-jensen_mediumThe UFC really needs to train their fighters on what prescription drugs to avoid. From MMA Weekly:

Independent sources have confirmed to that the alleged medical issue stems from Jensen's use of Adderall, which is not allowed under standard athletic commission rules.
According to sources, Jensen disclosed his use of the drug to the commission and the bout was held up pending further approval. Obviously, the commission decided to scrap the bout all together, and Jensen vs. Steinbeiss will no longer happen... at least in Nashville, Tenn., Wednesday night.

Really regrettable. Totally preventable. Major downer for Steinbeiss who trained, prepared and didn't do anything wrong. I wonder if the UFC will still pay him.

Tim Credeur ran into this very same situation at the TUF 7 finale. It is totally unprofessional that Jensen was not aware of this possibility and I believe the UFC really ought to do more drug awareness training with their fighters.

Too many fighters seem to believe that if they have a prescription for something (or if their cousin has a prescription for something) then that means its ok for them to have it in their system come fight time.

I also have to question Jensen's doctor's wisdom in prescribing Adderall to a professional athlete.

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