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A Career Beyond Fraternity Antics on "The Ultimate Fighter"

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To have one, you actually have to - GASP - win:

But if you look long-term, for UFC and Spike, the most successful TUF characters, like Forrest Griffin, Rashad Evans and Michael Bisping, were not successful long-term because of anything memorable on the show, but because of how successful they were as fighters once the show was over.

Even Chris Leben and Josh Koscheck in season one, probably the closest equivalents to Browning, got noticed for bad reasons at first. But their fighting since leaving that has caused their careers to sink or swim.

Browning’s notoriety may keep him in the company even with a loss, which may not be the case with a more quiet member of the cast, but long-term, if he can’t win more than he loses, he won’t have a long UFC career.