WCF 6 Results: Dan Ferrer Claims First Ever WCF Bantamweight Title


As regional MMA in New England goes, Joe Cavallaro's World Championship Fighting is undoubtedly running things right now. After only 18 months and six shows, the promotion is already looking to become a feeder for the UFC. (Dana White and fighters like Quinton "Rampage" Jackson, Kenny Florian and Marcus Davis are frequently on hand for special appearances and to corner their fighters.) Local cable network Comcast SportsNet began airing "WCF Rewind" - a half-hour recap of previous WCF events combined with fighter profiles - last month, and the promotion recently secured the area's top Harley-Davidson dealer as a sponsor.

I'll be moving back to Boston in April and hope to have full live coverage of future WCF events for Bloody Elbow.

From a press release in my inbox:

In front of a packed house of 4000 people at World Championship Fighting 6, Dan Ferrer won the first ever WCF Title fight, defeating Dan Bonnell by first round submission. Bonnell had won 5 fights in a row, all with WCF, but Ferrer put a stop to that at 2:48 of round one with a kimura. However, Bonnell may have been the real winner in this one though, as he proposed to his girlfriend in the ring after the fight. She said yes.

. . .

Dan Ferrer (Team Santos) def. Dan Bonnell (Sit Yod Tong)-submission (Kimura) 2:48 R1
Mike Dolce (Wolf's Lair) def. Nuri Shakir (Bucket Brigade)-TKO 2:52 R2
Greg Rebello (SYT/USMMA) def. Shawn DePaul (MSA/Mickey Ward)-unanimous decision
Glenn Brown (Green Mountain Boys) def. John Benoit (Renzo Gracie NH)-unanimous decision
Damien Trites (Wai-Kru) def. Jose Lopez (Ravenous)-submission (triangle choke) 1:13 R1
Scott Rehm (USMMA/Florian MA) def. Stephen Stengel-TKO :38 R1
Anthony Leone (Bombsquad) def. Chris Grandmaison (Sit Yod Tong)-unanimous decision
Ryan Quinn (ATT) def. Travis Coyle (USMMA)-unanimous decision
Jimmy Grant (Bombsquad) def. Nik Patnaude (Burgess)-unanimous decision
Rick Hawn (Sit Yod Tong) def. Billy Flynn (SSSF)-KO 1:12 R1
Nick Evangelous (Fenix Fight Club) def. Dymitri Shevchenko (Chase)-submission (heel hook) 2:30 R1
Jay Fortier (Burgess) def. Robby Roberts (Bruteforce)-submission (arm bar) 1:48 R1
Jeff Remmick (Chase) def. Josh Mellen (USMMA)-submission (triangle) 3:53 R1


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