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New Interview of the Year Candidate: Antonio McKee on The Jordan Breen Show

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Antonio McKee was a guest for an extended interview with Jordan Breen on Sherdog Radio Thursday and I pulled these rather...interesting quotes from the interview (quotes taken as close to accurately as possible from the audio interview):

On his style:

Unfortunately my style of fighting is not really what a lot of fans choose to see.  But, you know, it's the smart way to go at my age and, not only that, if you can't stop what I do than it's kind of hard for me to stop doing it.

Being humble about his wrestling skills:

My wrestling is so superior, in fact I don't think there is no one in MMA that has the wrestling that I have.

On his goals as a fighter:

I think we get more away from the sport of MMA and we start looking at more of entertainment.  I'm a fighter and I'm a prideful fighter so I wasn't necessarily going into this sport looking to entertain people, I'm going out here to get the win.

On what he thinks of people who find him boring:

I think the older people, the people that are smarter, the people who understand ME...and when you talk to the fighters, they'll tell you 'man, I respect what McKee does.'  It's the people out there that are watching the sport, and I understand that's how the sport grows, but they have no idea what it's like to be a fighter, what it's like to throw a punch or to get kicked.  So most of the people that are really talking the smack, they've never had a fight in their life and in my book they're a bunch of faggots.

On if he finds himself fun to watch:

Sometimes I get bored because I know what I'm going to do.  I know that I'm going to go out here, I'm going to take the guy down, I'm going to ground and pound my way through the fight...just enough work to win the round.


I don't mind being the boringest [sic] fighter in MMA, as long as I've got a winning record...fine by me.

On the IFL:

Just happened to be that the lowest paid fighters in the IFL were minorities.  We were making $4,000 when everyone else was making $6,000.

These quotes don't have the overall impact of if you were to listen start to finish to the interview, but they're still pretty interesting.  There is this odd tone that McKee has the entire interview and this whole attitude of his failures to get ahead in the fight game always being the result of things done by others and never through any fault of his own.

McKee is the kind of guy who believes that the only way you should ever be allowed to be critical of someone or talk about the sport is if you measure up to his standards of "not being a pussy."  This interview is amazing because he talks about how he isn't a guy who likes to talk smack, but spends the interview talking about how great of a fighter, businessman and coach he is.  He has had problems in every promotion he has ever fought for, but despite being the common factor in all these situations it isn't his fault.

He wanted to start a "minority based promotion" so the WFA pulled some shenanigans to get him off the card.  The IFL wasn't treating him fairly as a fighter or a coach (even after he says that they agreed to let him fight Jake Shields for another promotion for a big payday).  And of course...People who think he is boring are "faggots" (despite the fact that he admits that he is not an exciting guy to watch fight).  It's all just so over the top that it's honestly hard to take seriously.

At the end of the day Antonio McKee has 21 wins and 16 of them are decisions.  He earned his reputation as a boring fighter, he flat says that he could care less about entertaining the fans.  He thinks the guys that are the reason he makes a damn cent off the fight game are faggots should they dare criticize him.  This is the worst kind of selfish attitude for a professional athlete.  I don't expect guys to fight outside of their element or get beat up trying to be exciting.  But don't act like the fans should kiss your ass just for existing.

But hey!  Tune in tomorrow night for the MFC 20 webstream broadcast on Sherdog HDNet as Antonio McKee gets another decision win as he lays on top of Derrick Noble "doing just enough to win the round" en route to the MFC Lightweight Title.