Lyoto Machida vs Winner of Jardine/Jackson possible

Lyoto Machida vs Winner of Jardine/Jackson possible

Lyoto spoke with about his title shot situation:

“Thiago (Silva) is a great fighter, tough, was undefeated too, but my game was really well planned. We knew how he’d come and that was the result of our training. [Next] I’d like to fight with Rashad, but if it’s not possible I don’t pick another opponent. I’ll fight whoever comes. I might think (that I deserve a titleshot), but Dana is our boss and I’ll do whatever he says. It’s good for me because, when I get where I want, I’ll really deserve it”.

However, many people are suggesting that Lyoto Machida will fight the winner of Jackson vs Jardine for the number 1 contendership for the title fight against Rashad Evans.

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