UFC 95 - Dos Santos & Struve VS. Hardy & Markham

    I just don't get this Dan Hardy Vs. Rory Markham is not a good CO main event at least not at this stage. I mean If you are going to do a CO main event with 2 fighters with little UFC experience than please pull up the under card fight of Junior Dos Santos Vs. Stefan Struve. This fight has a much bigger impact on the UFC than Dan Hardy Vs. Rory Markham who ever wins is still a ways away from a title shot in a very jam packed welter weight division. On the other hand you have Junior Dos Santos who pulled off a huge upset against (in my opinion) the #1 contender in the UFC heavy weight division in Fabricio Werdum. Stefan Struve who I know is not a well known fighter but he has an MMA record of 20-2 (according to the UFC 16-2 by other sites) and is a great submission fighter. Stefan Struve is rumored to be between 6-foot-8 and 6-foot-11and has over 16 wins by submission. A win by either fighter should put them in the top 10 UFC heavy weights and a win or two away from a title shot. In any case the hardy Markham fight should hardly be on the main card let alone the CO main event.

Stefan Struve (red trunks) vs. Tom Blackledge
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