Are White and Penn on friendly terms?

I`ve been wondering for some time now what the relationsship status of Dana White and BJ Penn is. Officially, they`re on friendly terms, but a couple of comments by mr White has made me wonder...

1) Penn wanted to fight GSP as soon as he beat Stevenson. Penn made a very public statement about that. A (seemingly) annoyed White told him to "clean out LW first". What did Penn do? After beating Sherk he immediately made a post-fight announcement calling GSP out. I, for one, don`t think that was something that White was informed that he was about to do until after the fact. And when Penn had called GSP out, White was more or less forced to make the fight happen.

I`m not saying that it`s a fight that they wouldn`t have made anyway, but I don`t think they wanted to make it happen right there and then. Both had clear no 1 contenders in Alves (GSP) and Kenflo (BJ) and GSP wanted to rest. That in turn meant a long layoff for both of them and made it impossible to have titlefights in two weight-classes.

2) White has commented several times on Penn being a "natural LW". When Penn fought against GSP, he looked like he had added 7-8 pounds (at least) of fat. Pudgy Penn was back!

3) The segment where Penn doesn`t answer White`s calls and his brother covers up for him might seem innocent enough. But if you add the fact that White was the senior editor of the show, meaning that he left it in for a reason, and the fact that White makes a comment about Penn "surrounding himself with a lot of Yes-Men"?

To me it sounds as if White is trying to make a point. Maybe that Penn sometimes has a somewhat untroubled attitude to what "truth" is and has a rather big ego?

In my opinion, BJ Penn is starting to sound a bit like Tito. And Tito and White aint exactly best of friends...

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