Randy Couture: UFC 100?

Randy Couture: UFC 100 - NOG or Mirko?


Randy Couture has been a fighter who always seems to take fights NO ONE thinks he will take, and proves everyone wrong. So, because of that many rumors are going around on who he could be fighting. Let’s take a look at his possibilities.

In a recent interview did with Randy Couture, he told us that his next will be with either NOG, or Frank Mir. However, things have changed, and new time tables make’s room for some interesting match ups.

It has been suggested that Randy could of been fighting at UFC 99 in Germany, however his elbow surgery and filming of his new movie makes room for only a 6 week training camp. So, it has been rumored that Randy Couture could be fighting at UFC 100 against Nogueira, or even most notable addition to UFC 100 RUmor list, Mirko Crocop.

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