Mixed Martial Arts Mugshot Wall of Fame

Promoted to the front page from the FanPosts by Luke Thomas.

I did this a while back.

Hermes Franca: DUI

Rampage Jackson: Hit and run, evading police. Had to save best friend.

Chris Leben: DUI; probation violation.

Din Thomas: Running illegal "smokers" at his gym (allegedly).

Brock Lesnar: For receiving large amounts of what was alleged to be illegal substances, but really turned out to be vitamins. Really good vitamins.

Kimbo Slice: Felony weapons charge, open intoxicant.

Renato "Babalu" Sobral: Battery and trespassing.

Luke Cummo: Driving under the influence of chicken wings.

Charles "Krazy Horse" Bennett: He's a baaaaaad widdle boy.

Leonard Garcia: Knows shady peoples.

Joe Son: Gang Rape.

Macaulay Culkin: Drugs.

Nick Nolte: DUI

Mel Gibson: Hates Jews


If you have any other mugshot pics, post them up and I will ad them to the wall.

Mugshot Wall of Shame

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