GSP vs. Alves

I've been reading alot of comments about the GSP/Alves fight for UFC 100 in July.  Im excited. Fighters around the world are excited and I'm sure that fans all around the globe are excited.

Grease-gate is over, and it seems that everyone is saying that Alves has zero chance of winning the WW belt.

I am a GSP fan till the death and i have publicly stated that i will never take another fighter over him, in any fight.  Why?  He is the p4p best.  Where is his weak area?  He is exceptionally well rounded and litterally, the complete fighter.  On another level that has nothing to do with MMA, he is a fellow french-canadian, and absolutely georgeous.  But i'll get on to relevent things.

Alves is the top contender for many reasons.  He has excellent muay tai, great jiu-jitsu, great takedown defence, fast striking, good footwork, and he is probably the biggest WW in the UFC.  Is there anyone who cuts as much weight as he does?

Another reason i like this matchup is that GSP and Alves have a ton of similarities. They  fought similar opponnents in close time frames.  Koscheck, Hughes, Fitch and Parisyan.  They both go for the finish and rarely go to descision.   They are both huge welterweights.  They have similar fight records and have each only lost twice in the UFC.  Forget the four round dismantiling of BJ Penn.  This seriously has the potential to be the best fight of the year.I am picking GSP as my winner, but i can not honestly be convinced that GSP will keep his belt.

They both descisioned Koscheck, They both KOed Hughes, GSP beat Fitch, and they both got the W on Parisyan.  GSP fought Karo back in 2004 and Alves fought Fitch back in 2006.  That is a little bit scarry. 

Alves last lost in the UFC was in 2006, to Fitch.  That was 7 fights ago.  GSP last lost in the UFC in 2007 to Serra.  That was 5 fights ago.  The last time Alves lost in the UFC before Fitch, it was Spencer Fisher in 2005.  The last time Alves lost in the UFC before Serra, it was Matt Hughes, back in 2004.  Alves' record stands at 22-4.  He has won 82% of his fights.  GSP's record stands at 18-2.  He has a win percentage of  89%.  That is also a little bit scarry.

Alves has gone to a decision only twice in the UFC.   Both times, he got the W.  GSP has gone the distance 4 times.  All 4 times, he also, got the W.  GSP averages a stoppage in round 2, including his title fights,  Alves, also, averages a round 2 stoppage.

The stats on these guys is again, very similar.  Alves is 25, 5'9, 170.  GSP is 27, 5'10 and 170.  They both walk around above 185.

At the announcement of the BJ Penn and GSP fight, the same sort of threads came out -  BJ has no chance.  A week before the fight, it came to be 50-50.  Alot of people jumped on a different bandwagon.  I'm stating from TODAY that GSP is my man, and he will win. I am not budging on this.  What im not saying is that it will be easy, and that he will steamroll through him to the next guy.  It will be bloody, it will be a war, it will be fantastic. I cannot wait. 





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