Junie Browning's Kid Brother

Just when I thought I all the crap about Junie Browning was over...Enter Robert Browning. This is Junie's little brother. The only thing that remains unclear is whether or not he is a bigger jackass then Junie. We will not be in suspense for long though, as MMA Junkie is now reporting that little Bobby Browning is competeing on TUF 9.

I usually try and refrain from judging people before they have a chance to be complete dipshits on national TV but I think we can all agree that in this particular case, I get a pass.

Also, if everyone can refer to him as 'Bobby Browning' instead of Robert or Rob, it would make my year. Plus it  sounds way better.

So let's all give a big thank you to little Bobby Browning for ensureing that we get at least one druken-glass throwing-anger management absent-throwing people in a pool episode of idiocracy.

Rob Browning MMA Fight AFL

Notice how Matt Hughes (the ref) was not real impressed when raising Bobby's hand.

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