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WARGODS Live Results And Commentary

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The night has arrived!  Wargods!

In case you didn't already see Tank Abbott vs. Mike Bourke is BACK ON!

I'm going to do my best to not be too funny and ironic with my coverage of this show but after spending a few days getting myself excited to live blog this event I'm ready to watch some Car Crash MMA.

Fight Card:

Ken Shamrock vs. Ross Clifton
David Abbott vs. Mike Bourke
Josh Haynes vs. Rafael Real
Kyacey Uscola vs. BJ Lacy
Mike Moreno vs. Gary Padilla
Buddy Roberts vs. Wesley “Cabbage” Correira
Isaac de Jesus vs. Ashe Bowman
Rick Reeves vs. Nathan James
Jennifer Tate vs. Jen Babcock

Obviously the Warpath fight and the Tonya Evinger fight both didn't make the card because most AC's aren't crazy about throwing a fight on a card after a weigh-in takes place.

The show starts at 9:30pm on the East come on in and comment on events as they unfold.  It's guaranteed to be interesting.

Stream here!

Update:  There is picture and no sound on the 350 kbps and no connection on the 700 kbps stream.  I'm assuming the actual show will begin at 10:00pm

Fighter A (Ron) vs. Fighter B (Juan)  - Up first.  Bad audio (now no audio) caused me to miss the names.  Round 1 - Fighter B with a Thai clinch and some sharp uppercuts and knees to the body.  Fighter B puts him against the cage where they trade punches.  Juan looks to have won by control I guess 10-9.  This is 3, 3 minute rounds.  Round 2 - More of the same...Ron can't get away from Juan's clinch.  Now Ron tries for a takedown that he can't finish.  They're separated by the ref and are standing up now.  Right hand lands by Ron and then a combination and he pushes Juan to the cage and the round ends.  I guess Juan won again 10-9.  Round 3 - I think this is Juan Freeman vs. Ron Kessler.   So I guess technically I have Ron Kessler up ignore my previous rounds commentary.  I swear this will get better once we're back on the actual card and not the last minute addittions.  Ron is on top now on the ground and Freeman looks like he is happy to sit on his back with an open guard eating punches.  The camera man didn't follow the action and I looked back and they're standing again.  Ron is exhausted and Freeman is teeing off a bit.  The horn sounds and DARREN Freeman won that round 10-9.  So I have it Ron Kessler 29 - Darren Freeman 28.  Official Scorecards - 30-27 Freeman, 30-27 Kessler, 29-28 Ron Kessler.  Ron Kessler wins by split decision.

Karina Helena vs. Zoila Crusto - These names could totally be wrong...there are no graphics and these weren't advertised fights.  Round 1 - Zoila with some nice kicks and Karina gets the takedown.  Elbow from Karina and Zoila stands up.  Leg kick from Zoila now. Push kicks from Zoila and now Karina lands a sharp right and Zoila has to shoot.  Karina takes her back quickly.  Zoila turns and now Karina is landing punches and elbows.  Upkicks to the...chest by Zoila and the round ends.  Karina stole the round 10-9 on my card.  Round 2 - Right hand from Karina and another right.  Zoila keeps trying the innefective push kicks and is eating punches but the announcers are all over Zoila as having great stand-up.  Leg kick works better than anything else for Zoila. Karina with a wizzer and they're in a clinchy nee thing.  Now Zoila pulls half guard.  Back to standing and a nice body/head combo from Karina and Zoila with a knee to the body.  I'd give that round to Karina also 10-9 putting her up 20-18.  Round 3 - Zoila with a good body kick but she needs to do more than push kicks to win the fight.  Karina is landing punches in the clinch and all Zoila has is push and body kicks from distance.  Elbow now from Zoila.  Karina takes Zoila's back but Zoila is able to kind of turn and has a headlock where she lands a few punches and now ends up on top.  Some punches from the top for Zoila now.  Karina is looking for an armbar or triangle with a nice high guard.  Knee to the butt from Zoila now.  Knee bar attempt from Karina as the round ends.  The announcers crown it "fight of the night so far"...considering it's only the second fight that's quite the accomplishment.  My card is 29-28 for Karina Helena.  Official Scorecards: 29-28 Helena, 29-28 Zoila, 29-28 Zoila.  Hometown cooking right there.  Zoila Lastname wins by split decision.

Josh Haynes vs. Rafael Real -  Josh being a TUF vet I'm shocked they're kicking off the "advertised undercard" with him.  But here it comes!  Round 1 - Jabs from Haynes and a right hand that misses.  Low kick from Real.  It's a low kick and run strategy so far from Real.  Real has now fought longer than he did in all three of this fights in 2008.  Flurry of strikes from Haynes and now he grabs a guillotine but Rafael pops his head out.  Now an armbar attempt but Real is stacking up nicely.  He gets out and is in side control landing strikes.  The round ends as Real was going for an armbar.  10-9 round for Haynes.  Round 2 - Low kick from Real and he runs again.  One two is blocked for Haynes.  First boos of the night.  Four punch flurry from Haynes (the "AAAHHH!  HERE I COME" type of flurry) Now Real gets the takedown.  Haynes stands back up and we're back to the circling strategy.  Real is winning the round via "hopaway."  Oh wait, now Haynes lands some punches.  the commentary is being real rough on real who is just awful and it isn't like it was a secret.  They clinch up and as they separate Real ACTUALLY runs away.  10-9 Haynes.  Round 3 - Real is looking to get to a decision.  A victory of the moral variety if you will.  Haynes is sick of Rafael running away.  When you are employing the "RUN AWAY!!!!" strategy against a guy who is 11-10 it's time to hang up the gloves killer.  There is no action to call.  Every now and then Haynes engages and Real runs away.  There is your round.  Haynes engages and Real lands a punch that threw Josh off but ran away rather than try to capitalize.  Real runs away again to end the fight.  RESPECT!  HONOR! THIS IS MMA!  10-9 Haynes.  Official scorecards - 29-28 Haynes, 29-28 Del Real!, 30-27 Haynes.  Josh Haynes wins by split decision.  Someone actually gave Real the nod!

Kyacey Uscola  Gets in the ring and explains that BJ Lacy backed out of his fight and challenges Haynes for next show title?  BOOK IT!

Isaac de Jesus vs. Ashe Bowman - This is the most "talent loaded" fight on the card.  Bowman lost to Josh Thompson in slightly over a minute last last September and de Jesus is 6-0.  Round 1 - de Jesus is quick but he slips after a Bowman strike.  Against the cage now and Bowman is working knees to the body.  They separate and de Jesus is throwing home run strikes.  Right hand lands for Ashe and now a flurry of knees from the clinch and a right hook.  Big punch looked like it missed but Bowman was stunned and went down.  Bowman won the round 10-9 even with the knockdown. Round 2  - de Jesus looks pumped to get going but he isn't flying in with strikes.  Body kick from IdJ.  Sloppy right hand lands to the side of Bowman's head and he goes down.  Armbar almost finishes it for Bowman now but dJ gets out.  Guillotine is pulled by de Jesus but he can't finish.  10-9 round for de Jesus.  Round 3 - Circling here as both guys look a little tired.  Right hand from Bowman now.  Punch from Bowman misses and a punch from de Jesus they high five.  Flurry of punches from Bowman as the round ends. 10-9 Bowman gives him the fight 29-28 on my card.  I bet it's a split decision again.  Official scorecards: 30-27 across the board.  Isaac de Jesus wins by unanimous decision.  These judges are on drugs.

Tonya Evinger just actually challenged her original opponent to a sexy posedown.  The crowd boos so Tonya screams at the crowd and wants to "make a fight with all those haters."  This is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.

David Espanosa is now out to say that his fight was ALSO canceled.  That's 4 fights they've talked about being cancelled so far.  Now BJ Lacy is out challenging ANYONE...even though his fight with Uscola was cancelled already for some reason.  This is the worst thing I've ever seen.  They're now broadcasting a raffle.

Rick Reeves vs. Nathan James - Rundownloser nailed it here "This Guy vs. That Guy"   Round 1 - James has him against the cage and is looking for a takedown but Reeves is defending.  Punch to the thigh now.  Now Reeves pushes him against the cage.  Here come the boos...that didn't take long.  They split and Reeves lands a few punches and they're down and Reeves goes for and armbar now into a triangle but the round ends.  I think that round was 2 minutes 12 seconds.  10-9 Reeves.  Round 2 - James with the takedown. Falls into a triangle again and this time Reeves should have the time to finish but he doesn't have it locked in correctly at all.  Not a whole lot here.  Reeves going for the triangle from the wrong position and now the round ends.  10-9 for Reeves again.  Round 3 - Jones looking for a guillotine early.  They're just pushed against the cage throwing occasional knees.  Jones is pulling on the neck now but I don't think he can finish the choke.  Takedown by Reeves.  Now Reeves has James' back...and sinks the choke.  James taps and it is over.  Rick Reeves wins by submission (rear naked choke), round 3.

Tank Abbott vs. Mike Bourke - Here we go!  YEEEEEAAAAH!  Round 1 - They clinch up after Tank decides not to punch.  Body punch, right hand behind the head and Bourke is out.  Another right hand to the back of the head as Bourke is on the ground.  Should be a DQ but I figure they give it to Tank to prevent a riot.  Tank Abbott by KO, Round 1.

Mike Moreno vs. Gary Padilla - Round 1- Right hand from Padilla lands followed by a takedown.  Nice takedown again by Padilla as Moreno tries to stand back up.  A few punches and Moreno gets up and takes Padilla's back standing.  Takedown to full mount and Moreno has his back now.  This has been a slick little fight so far.  Back to standing they go.  Moreno is working knees to the body from the clinch.  Padilla looks a bit tired and labored in his movement.  Left elbow lands for Moreno and they jaw as the round ends.  Good round.  10-9 Moreno.  Round 2 - Back to the clinch they go and then back to distance.  Right hand for Padilla as he responds to the knee from Moreno.  Moreno is starting to pick him apart with quick strikes as Padilla is throwing gassed hail mary right hands.  Low kick puts Padilla down for a second.  Padilla asks for a timeout as he was either poked in the eye or kicked in the groin (yeah...those should be easy to tell apart but I couldn't tell).  They're going back at it now and Moreno lands a punch but Padilla claims he was poked again.  No one in the cage knows what is going on.  The round ends, the crowd boos and I gave it to Moreno 10-9 again.  Round 3 - They're brawling a little here but Moreno is much crisper with his strikes.  Right hand now by Moreno and Padilla doesn't look like he has a legitimate answer at this point.  Throw by Padilla but nothing comes of it.  Padilla looks for the double leg and actually gets it.  Back to standing and Moreno hits a knee.  Takedown again by Padilla but it doesn't last more than two seconds.  10-9 Moreno and I gave him the fight 30-27.  Official Scorecards: 30-27 across the board for Mike Moreno.  Mike Moreno wins by unanimous decision.

Ken Shamrock vs. Ross Clifton - Round 1 - Clifton is running forward throwing Right HAND BY SHAMROCK AND CLIFTON IS DOWN!  Side control for Ken now and he's eating some elbows.  Armbar and Clifton taps.  Ken Shamrock wins by submission (armbar), round 1. Clifton shoves him because he is a big dumb hillbilly racist.  But whatever...You just got demolished by Ken yeah.

Shamrock calls out Tank and says he'll end his career.  This was an amazing show everyone and thanks for joining me here for the show.  I'm pretty sure this was a record number of comments for a BloodyElbow thread.  Thank you again!

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