UFC 96 Bout Order: Vera, Grove on Prelims

The UFC officially released the full card for next month's UFC 96, scheduled to take place in Columbus, OH, along with the fight order for the event.  Notable among the card's match-ups, are fights with former heavyweight title contender Brandon Vera, and TUF 3 champion Kendall Grove being relegated to the preliminary card.

The full card is as follows:

Main Card Bouts:
Quinton Jackson 29-7-0 Vs. Keith Jardine 14-5-1
Quinton JacksonKeith Jardine

Matt Hamill 7-2-0 Vs. Mark Munoz 5-0-0
Matt HamillMark Munoz

Pete Sell 8-5-0 Vs. Matt Brown 11-7-0
Pete SellMatt Brown

Gabriel Gonzaga 10-3-0 Vs. Shane Carwin 10-0-0
Gabriel GonzagaShane Carwin

Gray Maynard 7-0-1 Vs. Jim Miller 13-1-0
Gray MaynardJim Miller

Preliminary Bouts:
Tamdan McCrory 11-2-0 Vs. Ryan Madigan 5-0-0
Tamdan McCrory

Kendall Grove 11-5-0 Vs. Jason Day 17-6-0
Kendall GroveJason Day

Tim Boetsch 7-2-0 Vs. Jason Brilz 16-1-1
Tim BoetschJason Brilz

Brandon Vera 9-3-0 Vs. Michael Patt 15-2-0
Brandon VeraMichael Patt

Aaron Riley 27-10-1 Vs. Shane Nelson 12-3-0
Aaron RileyShane Nelson

Sell vs. Brown is an interesting addition to the main card, although both fighters won their last bouts and have put on exciting fights in the past.  TUF champions have traditionally found their way onto the main cards of events though, and Kendall Grove was also victorious in his last fight, a dominant decision win over UFC legend, the late Evan Tanner, so it's intriguing that he ended up on the prelims. 

Nonetheless, the reason for Vera's placement on the prelim card is clear.  He's lost 3 out of his last 4 fights, and barely put on much of an inspiring performance in any of them.  With another loss or even a boring win, Vera's future in the UFC is uncertain.

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