Mariusz Pudzianowski Discusses His Upcoming MMA Debut

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The World's Strongest Man, Mariusz Pudzianowski talks to Artur Przybysz at about preparing for his MMA debut against pro-boxer, Marcin Najman this December 12:


"I can safely say that I have trained really hard for these last nine weeks. Three, four trainings a day, six days a week. At the beginning I also had some strength workouts, but then I left it out... Every morning I have grappling trainings with elements of wrestling and judo. In the evenings I have 40-minutes-long boxing work-outs. I join both these areas and I really enjoy it. After all the mixture of style is what MMA is all about".

"If Najman wants to exchange punches with me I wish him luck (laughing). I won’t be as slow as an ox and I won’t let him beat me up. My mother didn’t feed me to be a bum. These hands can hurt, believe me"!

"I’m at 127 kilograms now and I’m not the same Pudzian as a few weeks ago. I’m quicker and more agile. There are even wrestlers with a few years experience who are not able to do what I can".

Mariusz, who began training in Karate at a very young age, also talked about the kick that broke his training partner's leg:

"I 100% agree with Maciek that karate fighters are really precise with their punches and kicks. As for this unfortunate kick, indeed I hurt his leg, but I didn’t kick with my full power. I used about 30% of my ability".

Mariusz Puzianowki is a very unique specimen which makes his MMA debut very interesting. Most people assume that he will gas early with those huge muscles, but attaining five World's Strongest Man titles really require cardio as much as power, and if reports from his camp are true, he could go through 3x5 rounds just fine.

Before competing in strongman competitions, he trained karate (fourth Kyu green belt) and boxing for several years, so it will be interesting to see how he handles himself standing, especially going against a pro-boxer. He will most likely still be very green on the ground, but his size and strength should make up for it. 

Also, Mariusz says he said he currently weighed 279 lbs which is a lot lighter from his usual 310 lbs. Could this mean there’s a possibility that he will make the 265 lbs heavyweight limit one day?


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