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New Pictures of Brock Lesnar Surface


A representative of the Topps trading card company contacted me to let me know UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar showed up to offices in Minnesota to do signings of various products. Above is one image and there are two more below the fold. There isn't a ton to glean from these save that Lesar has added some grizzly facial hair, does not appear gaunt (inasmuch as Lesnar can be), is not showing obvious signs of illness and seems to be in pleasant spirits.

I say this not as a denial of Lesnar's reported condition, but only to hopefully deepen our understanding of present circumstances.

The coat and the seated position Lesnar is in could be masking matters. I am forced to admit this isn't exactly the most helpful angle to make any kind of evaluation. Still, it's worth passing along these photos just the same.