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New Zealand Grappler Seriously Injured During BJJ Competition

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This was just passed along to me by ICNZ promoter Neil Swailes:

In the last few seconds of the last round on the Saturday 12th December, Haydn Clasby from Submission Martial Arts (NZ) suffered a serious injury to his neck. This injury was sustained in a controlled BJJ environment and was a freak accident.

Haydn broke one of his vertebrae in his neck and damaged his C5, C6, C7, he is paralysed from the shoulders down at present. At the end of this week they will operate and put a plate into his neck.

At the moment the Doctors are providing worst-case scenario information to us, but due to the complexity of the injury it is going to be a wait and see. So as we all sit here with all our fingers and toes crossed, the initiative has been taken and an account has been opened in Haydn's name at Kiwi Bank.

The aim of this account is to provide funds towards the costs of Haydn's recovery and to help his partner Gen and family as they take extensive time off work to support Haydn during his recovery.

Any contribution no matter how small would be greatly appreciated.

Geoff Grant of GSW Martial Arts has set up a Haydn Clasby Recovery Fund page where anyone can donate any amount they wish via PayPal. Bank account details for direct deposits are also available there for any of Haydn's fellow Kiwis looking to help out.

That URL again:

I'm sure I speak for everyone on the BE staff when I say godspeed to Haydn as he sets out on his road to recovery, and best wishes to his family during this ordeal.