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Strikeforce Pays Deray Davis and Mark Miller Win Bonus Following Cancellation

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Bloody Elbow spoke to Mike Afromowitz of Strikeforce this evening and was informed that Strikeforce has decided to pay both fighters their contracted win bonuses. 

The quote on the resolution:

..the resolution to this is that both fighters got paid their appearance fees and we're paying them their win bonuses.

On Strikeforce's attempts to follow through on the match-up:

Just so you know, we made every attempt to put the fight back on in another Chicago area fight so they could fight in front of their hometown fans but neither fighter was available on the date proposed for a local card there.

Mike went on to explain that if the fight would have been moved to a local show Strikeforce would have paid them the appearance fee for that fight as well, but when they weren't able to commit to that date both fighters were paid their win bonuses.  Also, Mike was quick to point out that this was the first time a fight has been pushed of a card like this in Strikeforce history and they feel that in the end this resolution was fair.

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