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Anderson Silva Will Not Be Able to Fight Vitor Belfort at UFC 108

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MMA Junkie talks to Ed Soares:

"The latest is he's not fighting Jan. 2," Soares said. "That's not going to happen. He won't be ready."

Silva recently had bone spurs removed from his right elbow, and the rehabilitation necessary following the procedure means Silva won't be ready to defend his title in a proposed UFC 108 matchup with Vitor Belfort.

As for when Silva will be ready to fight again, Soares said nothing is yet certain.

"We have to wait and see," Soares said. "Anderson went back to Brazil, and he's continuing his physical therapy there. But there's no set date yet."

Those who have been following the saga of Anderson Silva's elbow may take a more cynical perspective.

Zak Woods had summed up the saga pretty well a couple of weeks back:

MMA Live was the first to report that Anderson Silva would undergo elbow surgery. Then Kevin Iole talked to Silva's manger, Ed Soares, who said that Silva did not need elbow surgery. Then UFC president, Dana White, confirmed that Anderson would in fact undergo surgery.

Are you dizzy yet?

Despite the surgery it was then announced that Silva would defend his middleweight title against Vitor Belfort at UFC 108.

Now add one more installment to the tale.