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TUF 10's Zak Jensen Named in Wrongful Death Suit

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The Stillwater Gazette (MN) has the story:

Relatives of a Stillwater Area High School graduate who died in Mexico under unclear circumstances say they are just looking for justice and details about his death by filing a lawsuit against those who saw him last.

Elizabeth Gunderson Koll filed the suit Thursday in Washington on behalf of her son, Josh Gunderson. The suit accuses Zachery Jensen, Jason Jones and Sterling Systems, which is owned by Jones, of negligence in Josh Gunderson's death.


Gunderson died during a March trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico, with Jensen and Ashley Jones. Jensen, who is now appearing on SpikeTV's 'The Ultimate Fighter," was working for the Jones family as a bodyguard.

KTSP-TV has more:

An autopsy ordered by the family shows Gunderson had wounds to his face, and that he ultimately choked on his own vomit. The medical examiner says that could have happened because of a struggle.

The concierge at the Sheraton Hotel told authorities Jensen said "I just defended myself. He was attacking me." They claim he also said "he shouldn't be with her. He was liking her and she didn't."

"We want deposition testimony from individuals in the room when Josh died," said attorney John Magnuson.

The concierge said he ordered Ashley Jones to stay, but she left the hotel before authorities arrived and headed home. Her family had no comment Thursday night.

Zach Jensen had no comment either. But his parents did share their thoughts.

"Alcohol was the responsible party here, way too much alcohol. That should be the focus," said Karen Jensen.

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