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Dana White Talks MMA on the Simpsons

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Dana talked to Sergio Non who itemized his complaints with The Simpsons MMA episode (watch it here):

  • Children imitating MMA moves on the playground.
  • The crowd dashing out after Marge's fight to see two drunk guys fighting in the parking lot. "Which is the furthest thing from the truth at a mixed martial arts event," White says. "That's the Red Sox-Yankees game. That's not a UFC event."
  • The promoter fighting and sucker-punching Marge. "He says you're the first woman I've hit that I didn't love - stuff like that really bothered me," White says.
  • "We like fighting," White said. "But to make it sound like the UFC crowd is this bloodthirsty crowd that shows up and just want to see people get their (butts) kicked - that's not true. That's the stigma that the mainstream has of us."

"The Simpsons program will show you how mainstream we're not," White says.

Hard to argue with Dana here.