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Kenny Florian Gives BJ Penn the Nod

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Kenny Florian, who is already a first-rate interview and on-camera analyst, needs but to clean the few "ums" as rhetorical placeholders to be downright perfect gave another excellent interview on the "Big O & Dukes Show" on 106.7 WJFK. Florian seemed upbeat and as much as fan you or I eagerly anticipating tomorrow's monumental battle. He also predicts Penn to be tomorrow's likely winner and gives a forthright defense of his position. Win or lose, Penn's likely next fight is against Florian, so its clear Florian's analysis is not motivated by a desire to somehow affect outcomes. Whatever oddsmakers think of Penn's chances, Florian recognizes Penn may have liabilities but Pierre's got fallabilities. Like the rest us, however, the fight demands anyone to hedge their bets so Florian also provides an account of why Pierre may win as well.