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UFC 94: St. Pierre vs. Penn II Weigh-In Results

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Georges St. Pierre 170 vs. B.J. Penn 168
Lyoto Machida 206 vs. Thiago Silva 206
Stephan Bonnar 206 vs. Jon Jones 206
Karo Parisyan 170 vs. Dong Hyun Kim 171
Nathan Diaz 156 vs. Clay Guida 156
Jon Fitch 171 vs. Akihiro Gono 171
Manny Gamburyan 155 vs. Thiago Tavares 155
Chris Wilson 170 vs. John Howard 171
Jake O'Brien 205 vs. Christian Wellisch 206
Matt Arroyo 171 vs. Dan Cramer 171

UPDATE [from Luke Thomas]: If you aren't watching the ESPN weigh-in analysis with Jon Anik, Kenny Florian and Frank Mir you are seriously depriving yourself of the some exceptional work. One of the biggest problems with MMA analysis in the media is that much of comes from smart and capable if untrained analysts. The creates a monster vacuum for fighters - and truly outstanding fighters - who can actually discuss matters from the inside. With Mir and Florian, you get smart, crisp analysis from both thought and experience. They've been in the training room, they've cut the weight, they've gone to the third round, they've fought in the UFC and the list goes on. The combination of ESPN's structure, pacing and polish with Mir's/Florian's ability to defty provide meaningful and clean analysis is a true breath of fresh air.