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Why BJ Penn vs. Georges St. Pierre II Is the Fight of Our Era

Ufc94_poster_mediumI make the case over at

What is truly noteworthy about this contest, however, is not any one particular element to fight sport, although each of those components certainly matters. What should be underscored here, though, is that this fight is more than the sum of its parts. What truly defines this contest is that it represents not just where we are with MMA but how well MMA is doing it. In other words, the special features of the fight not only turn the contest into a historical MMA bookmark, but the fight acts as the quintessential historical benchmark of this unprecedented era in MMA.

The growth and evolution of MMA is well documented, but heretofore the sport has lacked a capstone or bookend to encapsulate what this period signifies. There has yet to be a fight that perfectly represents this era and the best it offers. Enter: Penn vs. St. Pierre 2.

Our era is where true athletes emerged, infrastructure was created, sanctioning was achieved, organizations grew, titles gained significance, rivalries were spawned, fans were attracted and machinery developed. Whatever one wants to call this stage in the sport’s evolution, there can be no denying that what truly marks the present period and makes it unique is the development of a real sport and the machinery that moves the sport forward.