A. Overeem: "Will Attend UFC 93 and In talks with the UFC" Also wants Lesnar and Mir!

In a recent interview with, Alistair Overeem has said he plans on attending UFC 93, and is already in talks with Dana White and the UFC. He also talks about wanting to fight Lesnar, Mir and Fedor. Have you had any talks with Dana White or the UFC - Any interest fighting for the UFC or Affliction?

Alistair Overeem: My management has been in contact with Affliction as well as the UFC, I am a fighter and i concentrate on fighting, I am very happy with Golden Glory!


He also challeneged Bonjaksy on k-1 rules!! What is next for you? UFC, Lesnar, Fedor, what?

Alistair Overeem: Well I chellenged Bonjaksy on k-1 rules and yes Fedor and lesnar or on my list, Mir as well!

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