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UFC 88 Notes

Rashad Evans proved me wrong:  I have long been a doubter of Evans.  I thought he looked really bad in his last two fights.  It doesn't matter though, he just got a career-making KO over Chuck, knocking him out in absolutely brutal fashion.  I don't think he'll get a title shot, but I suspect he may have to deal with Lyoto Machida next.

There is no clear contender at 205:  Everything is up for grabs right now at 205.  This outcome is a major boost for Machida, and a major money loser for the UFC.  A couple of weeks ago the plan was for Griffin to rematch Jackson if Liddell lost, but I don't know if they still want to do that.  

Chuck's future is uncertain:  The bottom line is that Chuck left himself wide open with one of his sloppy uppercuts, and Rashad made him pay for it.  It isn't really about age I don't think, he's been doing that for years, but people are catching onto his game.  He is now out of the race for the title at 205, and will have to decide what he wants to do going forward.  He is still a huge name, and the fans still love him.  I don't think he will retire.  I suspect he can move to heavyweight, and try to get in a position to fight the winner of the heavyweight tournament once it's over.  Chuck vs. Werdum would sure be interesting in the middle of next year.  The other option is to just do some dream fights at 205, such as a fight against Anderson Silva.

Rich Franklin looked great:  Rich is one of the most underrated guys out there, and he showed how good he can be tonight.  His striking was quicker and more dynamic than it has been in a long time, and he showed that he is clearly a level above Matt Hamill.  There are lots of dudes I'd like to see him fight, including Rashad Evans.

Update:  Dana White has announced that Rashad Evans will receive a title fight against Forrest Griffin.  

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